Take the Positive Mindset

Taking the positive mindset into what you do and how to interact, bring value too and take value from others. Will bring you more use than the human urge to focus on the negatives. Its not the way were conditioned to think i know but an addiction to negativity develops and you won't even see the positive aspects of your own work, life or value in self. law of attraction works from a positive mindset and you are looking to attract labels, brand and other people the rule still applies.



There has been a long standing argument among users of digital audio workstations “DAW’s” that some sound sonically better than others. This has been primarily placed down to the summing engine which is the system of mathematical algorithms that calculate the final audio output based on the sum over the combined signals. However there is a counter argument from some programmers that in the digital domain that, “there can only ever be a singular answer” (Prof Monty Montgomery 2013[online]) and that rounding differences based on the systems could not be the cause of audible differences.

Additionally the quality of the stock effects is said to add significant discrepancies to the audio rather than ideally being transparent, Unless otherwise specifically mimicking an analogue model.

Loudness can be a key factor also “It's almost guaranteed that the same track rendered from any two DAWs will be a few dB different”(Audio Myths & Daw Wars 2009). With an even slightly comparatively louder m