Make Your Drums Knock Harder - Logic Pro Tutorial

Here are a couple of simple little tricks you can apply in logic pro to get the drums in your track to really smack harder.

First off we take a drum loop that vibes nice but the kick sucks! i mean it sucked so hard it was just MEH.

get a kick to layerer that loop with that hits the spots the loop is missing. And then we use a trick in the logic compressor to get that drum knocking. Once that works theres something more we can do with the drum bus itself to really get the drums popping out in a mix and really make your drums knock.

Modulate Anything in Logic Pro

How to Link Any Plugin to The LFO - Logic Pro Tutorial #41

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Amazing for sound design, this often overlooked feature built into logic allows you yo manipulate parameters for plugins not usually  able to be linked to things like LFO's, its a step into creative of breaking the rules and modulating anything and everything.

How to link the LFO tool in Logic pro is a useful tip to know, And here i show you the simplest possible solution of linking it to any parameter that is DAW visible. Meaning if Logic can see it you can modulate it.

Logic Pro Tutorials

Looking for a free Logic Pro X course? Stay tuned to this playlist for regular free tutorial content on Logic X A playlist focused on learning the depths of Logic Pro X, be it simple little usage hacks on truly in depth features. The playlist here is designed to be a course of Logic Pro in the hope that learning to make the music and sound you want should start to feel easier after each video. subjects covered In This Playlist are things like how to make a beat in Logic Pro, making use of the drummer, enabling advanced features and midi processing. More advanced tutorials on vocal comping and pitch tuning using the LPX built in Flex editor. An much much more, updated daily.