CLA Vocals - Waves Vocal Plugins

CLA Vocals - Waves Vocal Plugins

Waves vocal plugins are certainly a thing to be explored. Waves make excellent tools that generally dont do anything you cant already do, but they let you do it hassle free while keeping the quality professional which in my book is always a winner. Here is why im using CLA Vocals on a rap vocal for a project coming out in 2019

IK Multimedia iLoud Review

IK Multimedia iLoud Review and Unboxing
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iLoud Micro Monitors from IK Multimedia make some big claims. I couldn't find a better priced better spec on paper set of monitors though. Especially with the form factor and super low space profile. 

They retain a pretty linear frequency response too, which is impressive on speakers that look small enough to have been bundled with a Tiny TM computer back in the day #throwback. 

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