Sample Magic Boost Pro

Some time back we had a dive into the Sample Magic Plugin "Boost". its designed to sit on the master bus and cover you for compression, mid side and general warmth duties. 


A little less than a year later and the guys at sample magic are back with a pro version of the plugin that dives deeper into what can be edited, but maintains that same simplistic workflow if desired. With a stunning new GUI design too.

Download it HERE

Boost Pro is a simple, powerful, audio processing plugin with a host of advanced features and concise macro knobs for easy use.

Utilising cutting-edge low-latency DSP, Boost Pro provides distortion, multi-band compression, 4-band equalisation, stereo enhancement, brick wall limiter and hi-pass filter all in one easy-to-use plugin for a variety of audio applications.

Boost Pro provides many additional professional features from the original Boost plugin*

Boost Pro Download

Six Plugins in One

Boost Pro is an all-in-one audio finalising utility with six independent effects each utilising advanced, automatable, parameter control. Every effect module has a mid/side processing option, comprehensive RMS metering, dedicated low-latency mode, CPU-optimised performance and text-editable fields. From simple mixdown lift to full mastering solution, vocal chain or live instrument processor - the list of applications are endless. Easily bypass effect sections, browse 100 multi-genre presets and re-order compression/EQ for extra sonic character.

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