Can Izotope Neutron 2 Fix my Mix? Again?

Checking out Izotope Neutron 2 while making a rap beat in logic pro. I loved no I Still love Neutron. Neutron 2 is a solid improvement.

Track assistant has bumped up its a tamer beast now, less smashing the compression, still AMAZING at finding out those trouble frequency spots and taming them. the Dynamic is EQ is smoother than ever and the over all GUI has improved its a smarter look, its layout is more ergonomic,  Oh and we go a gate!!!! 

Can Izotope Neutron 2 music production software automatically fix my mix like magic? 
Kind of like last year it finds some a great little nuances to twist up and improve the mix and its been dialed back on the dynamics which is nice. Just listen! that explains it better then im able to articulate in words.

The tonal balance plugin allows you even further precision on the pink noise mixing strategy. tonal balance is the overall level and EQ profile of a track, which is usually representative of the fletcher munson curves based on whole humans hear sound. Have the ability to look direct at the profile of a particular song that balanced well and be able to reference your own track against it. this is something very useful for working in non treated environments.

Tonal balance comes with both Neutron 2 and Ozone 8 and works in hamrony with both when both are in use on a single project. 

A word from Izotope
What is tonal balance, and how do I tell whether my mix has it? This is probably a question most musicians and audio engineers have asked at one point or another, even if they didn’t use those exact words. Tonal balance refers to how frequencies interact with each other, and is often the main culprit in mixes that don’t translate between listening environments (e.g., a mix sounds great in the studio, but not on a car stereo). A common example of a mix that exhibits poor tonal balance is when you can’t quite hear the vocals, so you turn up the volume, but then the bass becomes overwhelming.

Our hope is that understanding tonal balance can help save you from a non-ideal listening environment and speed up your mixing and mastering workflow. To this end, iZotope created the Tonal Balance Control plug-in, which allows you to visualize spectral information in a unique way while also serving as a remote control for any Ozone or Neutron EQs throughout your session.