5 platforms musicians should be on in 2018

Heres my top 5 platforms that musicians should get into in 2018, They either offer great value to your music or provide a great helpful tool that isn't otherwise easily managed and accessed. like monetizing on soundcloud, copyright content on youtube and even great interlinking social SEO.



vimeo is a platform not dissimilar from the mammoth that is youtube. Its definitely becoming a powerplayer in the media space. there's been a massive push at the end of 2017 and its blowing up in use. 


  • Monetized video
  • Massively growing user base
  • Not overwhelmingly full like youtube
  • Great for SEO to your website and social linking

Audio Mack

Well hello! AudioMack looks and feel familiar, it very like soundcloud. It feels new and fresh and its FREE. yes it FREE! its currently supported by advertising and its got no plans to change out in the near future.

  • Great SEO tool, allows deep linking to videos directly into track pages
  • expanding user base
  • FREE
  • scheduling releases
  • product linking for itunes and spotify


So beatstars, weird one huh? 

Well look deeper, Beatstars isn't just for selling beats you can upload fully finished tracks and you can sell them from their too. Great huh, But thats not even the seller here.

Beatstars lets you monetize soundcloud. Yeah you read that right it lets you MONETIZE SOUNDCLOUD. thats usually an invite only feature an ive been using it since early 2016 now its at no cost you can do that for free and give up some of the cut to beatstars. Next you can also Youtube copyright all your music that is uploaded to beatstars on youtube, So if someone is using your audio you can copyright claim it and monetize it. 


Plus Points?

  • Monetize soundcloud
  • Copyright claim on youtube
  • Huge producer usebase
  • Embed a flash player on your website (like here)
  • Deep linking Videos, cross posting


Looking for a place to find gig's and venues looking for artists? This is a great growing platform. its also got a great set of information into licencing.

  • Discover people looking for you
  • Discover events that suit you, You didn't know about
  • Learn about licening
  • Get licening help and management


The gram! Yes that thing where you can post a picture and hashtag till your heart's content. 

Why? because longer form video is now available, its super easy now to have a short quick video showing what your working on, releasing or looking for? yeah its a brilliant business development tool to hit on with. adverts building up, That is a good thing, it allows you to link out now to your music and other socials and at a crazy good price right now. 



  • Huge networking with multi millions of people but a solid reach
  • Cheap targeted adverts with the ability to link out
  • Hashtag system works cross platform
  • Stories, great reach and if your a big user that swipe up link out interation is huge