Maschine Expansion Review - London Grit Review

LONDON GRIT pushes things forward with thunderous bass, 8-bit one-shots, and crunchy glitch and distortion effects that capture the sound of the UK underground grime scene. MONARK and MASSIVE presets give your tracks a bone-shaking boom. Vocal stabs, drum glides, and resampled 8-bit trash keyboard and video game sounds add some ear candy. And FX macros with tailor-made beat delays, grain stretch, and icy reverbs help push your raw sounds, making them bigger and darker.


Grime started as the edgier brother of UK garage, originally springing up on pirate radio and underground Internet stations in and around London in the early 2000s. One part hip hop, one part dance music, it distills the thumping, bass-heavy sound of jungle with dancehall rhythms, breakbeats, and an 8-bit PC music aesthetic. Recently, thanks to MCs like Wiley, Stormzy, Skepta, and Dizzee Rascal in the spotlight, grime has hopped the pond, converting more and more American listeners.

LONDON GRIT was created in collaboration with Roll Deep’s Flowdan, Rinse FM’s JD. Reid, Compa, and Ripperman.

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