Double Frequency Podcast Episode 10 - LUFS and Loudness

This episode is all about LUFS and Loudness. 

This is an important subject to have a basic grasp on if your the distributer for your own music, or if your consistently putting out music in the digital domain. 

Spotify, apple music, youtube and all the in between have some kind of loudness monitoring and average system. Most are using a measurement of the newer LUFS standard and here we wlook to explain how you can too use it , So that you achieve the best possible results for yourself and any artist working with you. 

To accompany the podcast today ive also got this video showing the LUFS metering system in logic and how then i was using it to match various tracks to the Spotify standard (which has already changed).

NOTE: At around 4 minuets in the video I said Mid and Side, DOH! its momentary and short term! I recorded about 10 of these that day and simply got my terminology incorrect! for reference here's a great article.

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