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Waves Grand Rhapsody Grand Piano demo and playthrough review. This piano library is recorded from a Fazioli F228, The very one at Metropolis recording studio in London. Used by Adele on the recent works. 

Like a sleek Italian sports car, the Fazioli F228 model was engineered from the finest Italian parts and craftsmanship, taking its wood from the same red spruce forest where Antonio Stradivari cultivated his rare and celebrated violins. The deep bass, rich resonance and crystal clear tonal qualities produced by the wood have made the Fazioli a highly coveted instrument for the most discerning ears in music.

Waves Clavinet D6

Accurately sampled from the original D6 model Clavinet Built-in FX section including advanced auto-wah, phaser, chorus, reverb Full velocity response mix control with key up and mechanics features

Customizable EQ section for further tone shaping. Mute slider control for decayed staccato or mellow sustain Amp overdrive control with tube condenser and dynamic microphone selectors Global tune control; MIDI-assignable32-bit & 64-bit NKS-ready for NI Komplete Kontrol and Maschine

Can be used as a plugin or as a standalone instrument Powered by the Waves Sampler Engine 

Waves Electric 200


Waves Electric 200 - Test and Review, the elctric 200 is the classic electric piano sound found on countless soul and even rock records, the sound you associate with the Stevie Wonder.

Waves Electric 88 Rhode


Electric 88 on Test on review. a Fantastic sounding sampled Rhodes keyboard plugin from Waves audio LTD Get the soul and character of a unique electric piano, sampled to capture the nuances of the original vintage instrument, with effects, compressor and amp added.