The Modern Way to Get Royalty Free Samples

Every modern music maker has the need to download royalty free samples. It used to be a hap hazard world of dodgy samples taken from other places or sometimes (And this happened to me) sold from other programs!

Alas the future is now! an no longer! Below are the the 3 best ways to download and manage your royalty free samples.


First off we have the new and improved Loopcloud from the veterans over at loopmasters. Which has a free version that comes with a whopping 25K free samples in its library. Yes 25000 FREE Sounds from Loopmasters.

Access millions of samples

Audition samples from the entire Loopmasters catalogue: the biggest library in the world. Our intuitive website lets you preview millions of samples from your desktop, app or tablet. But most importantly, search for sounds whilst you create. The music never has to stop.

Check out the key features of loopcloud.

Check out the key features of loopcloud.

Shape your sound

Create signature basslines, percussion parts and arpeggios with the new pitch per region feature. With Loopcloud you control the BPM. And if that wasn’t enough, add filters, reverbs and compression whilst everything stays in sync.

Plugin to originality

Loopcloud 5 includes two new plugin instruments: Loopcloud Drum and Loopcloud Play. These collections contain thousands of sounds and instruments. What’s more, they’re curated by top artists and exclusive labels.

Space to create

Upload entire collections of sounds, saving valuable space on your hard drive. These are automatically tagged alongside the Loopmasters catalogue. And you can access it all from any device. Creativity - wherever the idea comes.

Splice Sounds

Next up we have Spice sounds. It offers similar punching weight to Loopcloud but has different add in options like track hosting instead of the additional cloud storage space offered from loopcloud. I was actually on the beta for Splice and liked it, it attracted some really great sound designers, You wont find ANY of the Loopmasters heavyweights on Splice however. So if you have an exclusive label or producer on one or the other, Well that might just make the choice for you.

artist packs, Connect with artists you love in a new way: grab their original sounds. Packs from the world’s most talented producers come out weekly.

A bottomless 
sample supply, Dry claps. Buzzy 808s. 747s landing in the rain. With millions of sounds, you’ll still find the right one-shot, loop, preset, or sound effect every time

100% royalty free, Use sounds for anything. They’re cleared for commercial use.

Noiiz Audio

Technically the new kid on the block, Although not really! This is the evolution of “Samplephonics” a seriously heavyweight contender in the sample library game. With some of the best packs you could spend your music money on.

Luckily a Noiiz subscription lets you download every single one of them. Well worth the bash, Just for that.