What Does a Limiter do in Mixing & How to Use a limiter in Mixing

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In This video we look at what a Limiter does and how its different from a compressor (spoiler its really really similar). I will also show you two different ways you can use limiting in your mix to really help elements pop up and out without destroying the balance of the mix, We use BUTE because its very transparent for this kind of use and also helps us out by being true peak.

You can read more about those features below. If you're looking for high fidelity pro-audio limiting, look no further. Our smooth and transparent True Peak Brickwall Limiter delivers superior sound quality for use on your final master or individual tracks during mixing.

BUTE-IFULLY SMOOTH Designed with absolute transparency in mind, the BUTE Limiter delivers beautifully smooth limiting with no compromises. Our advanced algorithms have specifically been developed to provide pinpoint precision while maintaining total transparency, preserving the fidelity of your original audio and avoiding unwanted artifacts or alterations.

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