How Should You Bounce Down Your Music?

So here we looked to tackle the question of the best way to bounce in logic pro x. Now il come clean i went into this think it was going to be a bunch of.... And to be fair i'm still undecided. But there is without question a difference when you think about what settings are best to export with in logic pro x. 

As you will see or have seen in the video there is a difference between the best settings for a bounce down but where this falls apart slightly is that I (while in some half decent headphones too) could exactly tell one as being objectively better from the other. 

And if its not obviously better then the difference is kind of negligible. I do however now fully intent to bounce out a few projects and blind test them on my speakers (I can't do this really on youtube as speakers and microphones n stuff is just hassle)

If the question still remains of

How Should You Bounce Down Your Music?

Well the jury is out. But still if it sounds good then it is good. End of.

Download the comparison files here -