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Drum and Bass Production in Logic X

Logic Drum and Bass Series - Loopcloud Freebies - Soulful DnB Free Pack - Drum and Bass Production in Logic X Series In these videos we are looking at how to make liquid drum and bass specifically. Many techniques and tips will over lap not just into other forms of drum and bass but electronic music production in general. If there is anything further you would like to know or see comment below, I read all my comments now lets help you out with a logic pro x dnb tutorial.

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How Should You Bounce Down Your Music?

So here we looked to tackle the question of the best way to bounce in logic pro x. Now il come clean i went into this think it was going to be a bunch of.... And to be fair i'm still undecided. But there is without question a difference when you think about what settings are best to export with in logic pro x. 

As you will see or have seen in the video there is a difference between the best settings for a bounce down but where this falls apart slightly is that I (while in some half decent headphones too) could exactly tell one as being objectively better from the other. 

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Balance Kick And Bass

Its the eternal mixing and music production struggle. The kick and the bass war with each other, fighting for space and supremacy. But you must mediate a truce between these to waring factions. Because together they can work together to build a strong stable foundation to support!

Well the rest of the mix really.... 

its quite a simple premise and there are a bunch of ways to tackle it, Find out  how EQ can help carving out a little balance of the two is an essential part, determining where the two conflict and adjusting accordingly depends both on notation and frequency content. Hope this little how to Balance Kick And Bass Using EQ and Multiband Compression helps you.

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Logic Pro Tutorials

Looking for a free Logic Pro X course? Stay tuned to this playlist for regular free tutorial content on Logic X A playlist focused on learning the depths of Logic Pro X, be it simple little usage hacks on truly in depth features. The playlist here is designed to be a course of Logic Pro in the hope that learning to make the music and sound you want should start to feel easier after each video. subjects covered In This Playlist are things like how to make a beat in Logic Pro, making use of the drummer, enabling advanced features and midi processing. More advanced tutorials on vocal comping and pitch tuning using the LPX built in Flex editor. An much much more, updated daily.

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