IK Multimedia iLoud Review

IK Multimedia iLoud Review and Unboxing
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iLoud Micro Monitors from IK Multimedia make some big claims. I couldn't find a better priced better spec on paper set of monitors though. Especially with the form factor and super low space profile. 

They retain a pretty linear frequency response too, which is impressive on speakers that look small enough to have been bundled with a Tiny TM computer back in the day #throwback. 

Kit List
Podcast Microphone -    https://goo.gl/OK2E3y
DAW - https://goo.gl/hvpVSv
Favourite Plugin - https://goo.gl/FFVyqe

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East West Support NKS

East West Support NKS for Maschine and Komplete Kontrol

Download the soundsonline NKS installer below

If like me your a NKS user or a maschine user, you would likely be thrilled to learn that your favourite East West Libraries also work on Komplete Kontrol NKS as well as in maschine. 
For some reason they are not partners with Native Instruments on this but they do in fact have NKS sets ups for every single product in the line up, even the legacy items. 

instead of thinking Composer cloud Vs Komplete
starting thinking synergy together! 

Here is how to get your east west libraries loading in NKS and maschine with ease. 



Should you still buy the Komplete Kontrol S25

Should you still buy the Komplete Kontrol S25

The Komplete Kontrol keyboards are possibly some of the most versatile midi controllers on the market. Offer DAW control, Instrument control loading and general midi all from one quick to access interface is a workflow dream. With the launch of the newer range the little S25 has been discontinued in favour of some larger key number. 

That fine by me because now the price of the S25 has dropped significantly enough for evening the budget hobbyist to consider grabbing one and improving their workflow while grabbing a bunch of native instruments plugins to download.