5 Ways to Get Better Results With EQ

These are 5 simple tips and workflows, dare i say rules? That can guide you into getting better results with you EQ

Tip 1 - Use that frequency analyser!

Trust yours ear, Double check with the gear. Use If you can see a harmonic spike poking up, Dive in and check that guy out. Just because your ears have not found it doesnt mean its all done and dusted.


Seriously this is why you mixes sound super thin, Hipass lots of things sure. But only hipass things that will actually benefit for a high pass. And also dont put it up so damn high all the time.

Tip 3 - The Boost and Sweep

No its not a new kids show, Although #copyright2019. This technique uses a boot, kinda narrow ish. Then sweep along the sound listening out for nice and nasty sounds that pop out. Taking what you learn from the sweep you can EQ accordingly.

Tip 4 - Cut Narrow Boost Wide

Yup. Lost of modern EQ will use “proportional Q” and do this for you, However any of the tasty vintage gear or emulations of such dont play so nice. it’s a good rule to remember if things aren’t sounding right.

Tip 5 - Use different slope for different jobs.

Different slopes for different folks? Something like that. The slopes on you EQ filters will let you achieve different things, a lesser sloper of 6 or 12 when working with vocals will let you make the cuts without being at all obvious. But to isolate a sound you want to up those guys to 24 or higher even if needed.

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