How to Master in Logic Pro X - With Stock Plugins

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How can I master my project. This is one of the questions i see asked all the time. The best answer is a convoluted affaire that ive covered before. 

But how can i master my track with stock plugins. 
It's an issue all the same. 

I get it, 

No budget or simply your doing music as a hobby or are new to it all in all but you want to put out the best sounding thing you possible can. Spending £££ on plugins doesn't appeal to you after you spent money on this software, computer, audio interface etc already. So why not get the best out of Logic you possibly can?

Well look it starts with getting that track the ABSOLUTE best you can before you take it away to "Master" With the information in the mastering tutorial you can hopefully very easily tweak that last little bit of sound out of the track to polish it off from streaming at about 3kBps on soundcloud....

I jest but serisouly soundcloud needs to fix its shhhhh

Also i know there's a whole bunch of things i didn't address, Stereo width for one. Quite simply the video was long already and its a minor factor that can be assessed in the mix if need be. Check out my How to use Binaural pan video for example. 

If you need to see something additional covered, comment below.

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